Hi! I'm Cindy Keil.

Ready to take the next steps towards a life of freedom, joy, and peace?

That's where I come in.

I’m so thankful to have you here! To date, I’ve coached hundreds of shopaholic women over 13 years. Supporting them through relationships, job transitions, creating their dream businesses and helping them shed everything that’s been holding them back from their true potential.

I’m looking forward to falling in love with your story just as I have theirs.

Let's declutter your head, heart and home!

xxo Cindy



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About Me

Hello courageous Lady! Allow me to introduce myself; Cindy Keil, Writer, Self-Care Coach and Speaker. I’m here to help you step out of the

fear and uncertainty that’s holding you back from embracing the unique and magnificent woman that you are!

I’ll help you create the space that you need to shed the accumulation of layers that are blanketing your true potential. Far too often

we dress ourselves in falsehoods in an attempt to find our place in this world. Squeezing ourselves into odd shapes to fit into the

boxes society has laid out for us in hopes of finding peace, happiness and fulfillment.

Let's Declutter your head, heart and Home!


“Cindy truly listens, her courses and coaching changed my life! I now have time, freedom to do the things I always wanted to do! Lili T

“I was so overwhelmed, stressed, addicted to shopping... Cindy's simple step by step program, helped me simplify, get out of debt.” l am free! thanks so much!! Deana

“I was a "hot mess! ” Cluttered, stressed, in debt. Cindy helped me declutter my home, soul, debt and now I love myself and my life!

forever grateful Antonia

Self-Care Resources

Self-Care Reset Mini Program

Learn simple mini-steps so you can create your own unique self-care plan

The Essentials of a Self-Care Reset Plan

Learn the simple steps so you can simply create your own unique self-care plan

Self-Care Workshop

3 Day Self-Care Workshop

Live workshop designed to set you up for self-care success!

Find Your Balance

Create and Set Your

Self Care Goals

This program is designed to uncover the layers of stress, overwhelm, anxiety, clutter and simply create a self-care plan unique to you, so you can have the calm, peace and joy and the life you truly desire.


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